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Vancouver Granville Island

Granville island is a magical place and a must see for any visitor to Vancouver. It is considered to be part of downtown Vancouver, along with areas such as Gastown, Chinatown, West End, Stanley Park, Canada Place and Robson Street. All are within a mile of the corners of Georgia and Granville streets the centre of the downtown core of Vancouver.

PDF Map of Granville IslandLocated on the bustling, picturesque waterfront of False Creek, Granville Island's gritty, industrial past has morphed into a people-friendly, artistic, and magnetic destination for Vancouverites and visitors. It currently attracting more than 10-million people a year and they don't come to see the cement trucks that still discreetly rumble through the entry gate of the only remaining cement factory in the city core. Over the past 25 years, creative reclamation and preservation of heritage industrial structures and streetscapes has given birth to a quirky waterfront zone with an inscrutable signature all its own. Against all odds, the island as a destination not only works, it thrives!

This granville island, on False Creek, has an authentic farmer's market and lots of galleries, boutiques and artisans' stores. Ambitious revitalization has breathed life into this area, turning what was once a neglected industrial site into a vibrant shopping and entertainment destination. The atmosphere is perfect for dining, with passing yachts and panoramic views. Seafood at sea level!

Granville Island Public Market
The hub of the island, the Public Market is the ultimate spot to find top quality produce and foodstuffs including cheeses, fresh seafood, bread, coffee & tea and locally made items liek honey and jam. The Granville Island Public Market is a top Vancouver experience.

Granville Island Lobsterman
1807 Mast Tower Rd.
Over 25,000 gallons of salt water in big blue tanks full of Nova Scotian Lobster, Queen Charlotte Dungeness Crab , Alaskan King Crab, Manila Clams, Geoduck clams, P.E.I. and Pacific Golden Mussels,Swimming Pink Scallops, Japanese Hotate Scallops, Tiger Prawns and Oysters from around the World, including Malpeque, Belon and Pacific!

Granville Island Lager
Silver Medal Winner, World Beer Championships, 2006
A classic Bavarian-style lager. Full-bodied and golden-hued, Island Lager is cellared for six weeks and fermented at low temperatures which gives it a distinct hop flavour and perfect balance. 5.0% Alc/ Vol.

The Story of Canada's First Microbrewery

When Granville Island Brewing opened our doors in 1984, we believed that British Columbia was ready for a premium, natural, unpasteurized beer similar to the famous German pilsners. And with our first release that same year, Island Lager, that belief was confirmed.

A few years later we took the same desire to locally handcraft premium beers with all natural ingredients and applied it to the creation of Lord Granville Pale Ale, which soon after was re-christened English Bay Pale Ale. Thus began our tradition of naming our beer after local neighbourhoods.

It didn’t take long for local beer drinkers to embrace our creations and establish us (unofficially, of course) as the city’s own local favourite. Our growing popularity spurred us to keep celebrating more neighbourhoods and expand our customers’ palates with even bolder, more unique flavours. With Cypress Honey Lager, Gastown Amber Ale and Kitsilano Maple Cream Ale, the great tastes just kept on rolling.

In 2004, a tour of other breweries in the Pacific Northwest inspired Robson Street Hefeweizen. We knew that BC beer drinkers didn’t want us to compromise our unique style and great taste just to create a lighter beer, and ‘Hef’ became an instant summer hit. That same year we put four popular flavours into one variety pack and The Mingler was born. It became so successful that we had to release a Winter Version as well. You could say that ’04 was a pretty good year for us!

And just as Vancouver has been so great to us, we try to be there for the city as well, doing whatever we can to make it an even better place through sponsorship and community involvement. We proudly sponsor theJazz Festival, Dragon boat Festival, Celtic Fest and Greek Day. Most recently, we dedicated a portion of all sales to the Stanley Park Restoration Project.

It’s Good to be Here. At Granville Island Brewing we believe it and we live it.