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West Dyke Trail -- The popular West Dyke Trail provides excellent view of the Sturgeon Banks marshes, distant Howe Sound mountains, and the Gulf Islands along a 5.5 km path between Terra Nova and Garry Point Park.

West Dyke Trail Map
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Richmond's flat topography and intricate network of over 40 km (25 mi) of developed trails make it a cycling mecca for visitors and locals alike.

Steveston Trail leads cyclists on a winding journey through the historic fishing village of Steveston. South Dyke Trail takes riders on a scenic tour past farms and historic sites. West Dyke Trail overlooks tidal flats, offering cyclists front-row views of mountains and migratory birds. Both South Dyke and West Dyke Trails connect with the Steveston Trail.

The Sea Island Cycling Route follows country roads to beaches and parks, with excellent views of the area around Vancouver International Airport.

Drop by the Richmond Visitor Centre, off Highway 99 just north of the Massey Tunnel, for more information and for detailed cycling route maps.

Richmond is located next to Vancouver, a 30-minute drive south from downtown Vancouver via Highway 99.

West Dyke Trail

The Richmond dykes are phenomenally easy riding, especially the ever-popular West Dyke. Start anywhere near the north end (accessed from #3 road) and meander out to Steveston for fish and chips. Time your ride to coincide with the setting of the sun over Vancouver Island.

Access to West Dyke Trail: There are a number of dykes and a number of access points. A favourite is the West Dyke / Middle Arm Trail combination, which can be accessed along River Road west of the Oak Street Bridge.

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Dyke Trail
Address:Southeast of 3 Road
City: Richmond, B.C., Canada
Hours: dawn to dusk
Benches: yes
Poop: yes
Parking: yes