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奥兰多迪斯尼水上世界 -- 台风湖礁(Walt Disney Typhoon Lagoon Water Park)

在奥兰多迪斯尼世界这个台风湖礁(Walt Disney Typhoon Lagoon Water Park)水上世界里,光记得玩了,好多都没有拍照片...... 这是世界上最大的模拟海潮...... <br>
Typhoon Lagoon,据说是2006年关闭了......

This 56-acre water park would most likely be the choice of FISH if they could choose an amusement park, as Typhoon Lagoon features some of the wettest and wildest attractions at Walt Disney World. Before Blizzard Beach opened, Typhoon Lagoon was the largest water park on property. It is still immensely popular, with its twisting tides, roaring rapids, wonderful waterways and relaxing rivers. Typhoon Lagoon also features a special area where guests can snorkel among live sharks and other tropical fish. Excluding the snorkeling area, all water is heated to a toasty 75-80 degrees year-round.