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The Pumpkin Patch is filled with wonderful ideas for October and November activities that revolve around everyone's favorite fall symbol, the pumpkin. Kids love pumpkins and the many things they can do with them. You can incorporate pumpkins into your studies of the farm, harvest, autumn, falling leaves, Halloween, scarecrows, and Thanksgiving.

On this page, you'll find songs and poems ... art, math, and science activities ... lots of books about pumpkins, from delightful stories to eye-catching science books ... suggested follow up activities ... a great list of pumpkin links ... terrific photos from our classroom and from the pumpkin patches I like to visit ... and much more.

To find out more about a book, click on the cover or the title to go to, then use your browser's BACK button to return here for more great ideas. Amazon will save your books in your electronic shopping cart until you're ready to check out, now or anytime in the next 90 days. Enjoy your visit to The Pumpkin Patch.
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